China Future Creative Class

The CLFRA has established an academic partnership through which the China Future Creative Class and CLFRA will engage in a simulated business and legal negotiation. Consider the following example: Dean Scotten designs a business deal in which a Chinese company seeks to invest in the US and needs legal guidance on how to accomplish this. Such an activity prompts members to deeply consider the complications that arise within the fields of international law and business transactions. 

USC Gould Office of Undergraduate Law

The CLFRA has established an extensive connection with the USC Gould School of Law. Members of the organization have access to lectures and workshops graciously delivered by esteemed professors of USC Gould, with the opportunity to ask questions and learn of possible career paths within the realm of law. 

This opportunity can lead to a minor in Legal Studies at Gould, with courses taught by internationally renowned Law professors. Those interested in a law-related minor, undergraduate law courses, a progressive (PDP/MSL), or accelerated (3+3) degrees should visit for further details. You can also sign up for the Gould Undergraduate Office’s Monthly Newsletter and follow them on Instagram @uscgould_undergradlaw.  


For Pre-Law advisement please visit

Society of Women in the Law

The CLFRA is proud to collaborate with the Society of Women in the Law, an organization at USC. This partnership includes joint outreach efforts toward USC undergraduates, corporate law information sessions, and speaker panels with esteemed attorneys.

International Student Assembly

The CLFRA is partnering with yet another USC organization, the International Student Assembly (ISA), to conduct Career Fair Workshops and Legal Guidance Groups. Moreover, the CLFRA and ISA are collaborating on the "WeChat" series, in which members of the USC community are invited to a space, such as the Ground Zero Performance Cafe, to speak on a topic of global importance. Ultimately, this series will allow students to learn more about the importance of diversity, while also spreading awareness of global issues.

BigLaw Firm Collaboration

Our partnership with a BigLaw firm allows us to host privately held events and guest panels featuring seasoned attorneys from the firm. Their insight and openness provides a firsthand look for members into the life of a lawyer, which is essential for career preparation. 

Investment Management Collaboration

The CLFRA has recently begun collaborating with a large-scale investment management company to help facilitate post grad financial associate employment opportunities as well as summer internships to our members.

Assez-y Partnership

The Assez-y Partnership, a transactional law project commencing in the fall of 2019, will work as follows: the CLFRA will function as if representing a big venture capitalist or an institutional investor. We will be briefed with some factual data: budget, business plan, a summary of Brazil’s economic scenario and the information concerning the target (a due diligence report – negotiation will be based upon this intel). Additionally, there will be members who will represent the target (the deals will be the same). These teams will also have some other information and the goal is to make them close a deal and draft the SPA.

Essentially, The transactional law project will consist of members of CLFRA working in conjunction with law professors at USC to help attorneys in Brazil with mergers and acquisitions as well as transactions between real companies looking to move their businesses into the United States.

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